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Head of the Department

Department of  Mechanical Engineering.

The department was established in year 2009 by offering under graduate course B. E. Mechanical Engineering. Mechanical Engineering Branch is an Evergreen Branch. The Students of this Branch is always in Demand. Moreover, Mechanical Engineering Students will have a wide Career Profile and suit to almost any Industry. Mechanical Engineering is the Mother Branch of other Engineering branches. It plays an important role in every sphere of Engineering. In this branch, the Students learn the Fundamentals of Mechanical Parts of various Machines, Fluid and Thermal power Applications. He also exposed to variety of Industrial and Domestic machinery. One of the core branches of Engineering, it deals with Machines, their Design and Energy flow Analysis, Manufacturing and Performance. Modern Manufacturing Processes have resulted into Mass Production of items at Low Cost and High Quality. Mechanical Engineers have unique role in Power Plants, Modern Factories, Space, Automobiles and Steel Plants. Increase in automation has widened the horizons of this branch beyond the conventional jobs. “Learn Mechanical Engineering and enjoy the widened scope in various fields”.

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