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Laboratory Facility

Devices and Circuits Laboratory:

This laboratory is well equipped with latest Signal Generators, Oscilloscope, Measuring Instruments and DC Regulated Power supplies.  Basic Electronic circuits designing and simulation are done through software like ORCAD, MULTISIM and LABVIEW.

Microprocessor Lab

This Lab gives coding knowledge for the students to control the hardware component which is used in embedded system related projects. Students enhance their knowledge about various processors such as 8085, 8086 and 8051.  In addition they learn about latest trends and technologies in Microprocessors and microcontrollers.

Digital Signal Processing Lab

DSP Applications are becoming more prevalent. It is equipped with high end computers.Students learn about the sampling of digital signals, FIR, IIR filters and applications relating to the digital signal process through MATLAB and TMS processors.

Digital and Integrated Circuits Laboratory:

This lab is equipped with modern digital trainer kits and IC testers. The students can learn, design  and implement the basic logic circuits like adders, MUX, DEMUX, Encoder, Decoder, Flip flops and Inverting, Non inverting, Differential amplifiers, Astable, Monostable multivibrators and Schmitt Trigger using op-amp. Students graphically design and simulate the various logical circuits.

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