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About the centre

Paavai Testing and Consultancy Centre (Paavai Tesco) has been established in the year 2015 with a view to take up Testing, Research and Consultancy projects in the areas of building materials for construction and structures. The Paavai Tesco aims to provide thrust to support infrastructure development and to enhance local technological capabilities through the use of improved new materials and versatile construction technologies. The centre has been systematically carrying out focused consultancy work that is of strategic importance to the construction industry. The Centre also promotes testing services for building materials as per codal provisions.

Department offers the following consultancy and technical services to various agencies and companies.

  • Load test

  • Non-Destructive test on concrete structures

  • Strength on Steel, Cement, Concrete, Strength of Aggregates

  • Concrete Mix design

  • Pavement design

  • Soil Investigation in Field & Laboratory

  • Water quality assessment

  • Hardness on metals

  • Structural Design of buildings

  • Bitumen grade estimation

  • Layout preparation, leveling and contouring


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