The PCE Library underwent a considerable modernization, by and large, in terms of updating its collection of  18830  precious volumes, 1100 DVDs, National, International Journals, Back Volume collections, Online Journals Subscription in DELNET, Interlibrary Loan, Electronic databases etc. The Library uses Automation Software (AUTOLIB) for its operations; with a fully bar-coded collection and offers OPAC service throughout the campus LAN and Online. The books are classified according to Dewey decimal classification scheme. Open access system is followed in the library


The collection of the PCE Library includes books in the areas of Science, Technology, Humanities, Management and General. The collection comprises mainly Books, Current Journals, Back Volumes, Audio-Video cassettes, Microfiche, Microfilms CD-ROM database etc. The collections are extensively used by the faculty members  and the students.

Reference Section

Students Reference Books, Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Handbooks, Technical Data, Atlases, Bibliographies, CD – ROMs and Audio Cassettes, etc.

Current Journals

The entire Current Journals received in the PCE Library are arranged subject-wise and displayed in Current Journal racks.

Library services

In additional to all general services, the library provides various value-added services including OPAC, book transactions, book reservations, audio-video viewing, inter- library loan, reading, online access to e-resources, bibliographical compilation and photocopying.

Bar Code-Based Circulation Systemss

The library uses Bar-Coded Technology for Computerized Circulation System since 2006. Every document in the Library (except Reference sources and Bound Volumes of Journals and CD with Cassettes) bears a Bar-Code that is used for its circulation. Similarly, all categories of users have Bar-Coded identity cards. The Library is developed for Bar-Coding of books and ID cards.

Computing Infrastructure in the Digital Library

There are two servers, 33 PCs and computing accessories to cater to the needs of Library Computerization, 33 PCs are exclusively earmarked for the users to access Library OPAC, Online Database and Electronic Journals.

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