Department of Computer Science Engineering

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering was started in the year 2006.It offers both UG and PG programmes. It has an excellent infrastructure with 200 systems in the computer lab and multimedia lab. The department faculty members are highly qualified and richly experienced. They work with dedication and strive hard to produce high caliber technocrats.


To produce technically competent professionals with leadership qualities to lead the future world with their exemplary skills and value added thoughts.


To provide state-of-the-art technical education, initiating research activities for the future through innovations and contributing the inventive outcome to the society for the sustainable growth.

Courses Offered:

  • B.E-Computer Science and Engineering
  • M.E- Computer Science and Engineering
  • Lab Facilities

    The department has a computer lab with 200 systems. All the systems are connected with LAN. It has 24 hr internet services with 4 Mbps connectivity.

    • Compiler Lab
    • Students utilize the compiler lab to learn the concepts of system software and to develop a compiler.

    • Data Structure Lab
    • Data structure lab enables the students to learn and experiment on the efficient utilization of the data structures.

    • Internet Programming Lab
    • Through this Internet Programming lab, students can master in web designing and can learn the various languages and scripts used for internet programming.

    • Networking Programming Lab
    • In the Networking lab, students are guided to code networking programs in creating and securing connections in the network.

    • Object Oriented Programming Lab
    • Students can learn the languages like Java and C++ through Object Oriented Programming Lab.

    • Operating Systems Lab
    • Through this operating System lab, students are able to explore the problems of the operating system and solutions.

    • System Software & DBMS Lab
    • In this DBMS Lab, students can learn the fundamentals of creating, manipulating the database and creating packages for real time applications.


    Association Sprighting with Orion of Computer Science Engineers (ASOCS) was established in the year of 2007. The objective of ASOCS is to bring out the inherent talents and develop the organizing abilities of the students. Through this association we are organizing guest lectures, seminars, workshops, intra departmental symposiums, technical quiz, etc.


    A grant of Rs.60,000/- was received from Anna University, Chennai to conduct the Faculty Development Programme on Theory of Computation from 28th Nov to 4th Dec, 2011.

    University ranks obtained by 2011 batch:

  • U.Nivethu - 3rd Rank
  • L.karthikeyan-11th Rank
  • V.Chanthiya-37th Rank
  • R.Vasanth-40th Rank
  • University ranks obtained by 2012 batch:

  • P.Gomathi - 24th Rank
  • M.Nanesh - 34th Rank
  • V.Vinodhini - 36th Rank
  • C.Karthikeyan -44th Rank
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