Department of Automobile Engineering


To work towards attaining the numero uno position in delivering the goods to bring out eminent engineers in an astounding environment with a serious commitment in moulding the future leaders.


To pass the baton of knowledge and skills with complete dedication of the faculty members is the sole motto of the institute in nurturing, nourishing and inculcating the students in a sophisticated ambience with the state-of-the-art kits and gears, so that their contributions will be a game changer in the field of automobiles. They also excel in attitude and profile making them exemplary automobile engineers of high ethics.


  • B.E - Automobile Engineering
  • Lab Facilities

    'I see & I remember. I do & I understand ' The Department has excellent infrastructural facilities and the students are trained in the following laboratories to enhance their practical skills. Some of the major equipment in the laboratories are

    • Engineering Practices Laboratory:
    • To provide exposure to the students with hands on experience on various basic engineering practices in Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Electronics Engineering

    • Automotive Components Lab:
    • • Multi Cylinder Petrol & Diesel Engine
      • Petrol and Diesel fuel systems
      • Heavy duty & Light duty vehicle chassis frame
      • Front axle & Rear axle
      • Differential ,Clutch and Gear box
      • Steering systems with different gearboxes
    • Manufacturing Technology Lab :
    • • Lathe
      • Capstan & Turret Lathe
      • Horizontal Milling Machine
      • Vertical Milling Machine
      • Radial Drilling Machines.
      • Slotting Machine
      • Shaping Machine and other standard equipment
    • Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Laboratory:
    • • Pelton wheel Turbine
      • Various types of pumps
      • Bernoulli & Flow Meters and other standard equipment
    • Strength of Materials Lab:
    • • Fatigue & Torsion Testing Machine
      • Hardness & Impact Testing Machine
      • Universal Testing Machine
      • Compression Testing Machine and other standard equipment
    • Engine Performance And Emission Testing Lab:
    • • Hydraulic, Electrical& Eddy current dynamometer
      • Single cylinder four& two stroke cut section engine.
      • Two-wheeler engine test rig.
      • Automotive multi cylinder SI & CI engine test rig with heat balance arrangement
      • Emission Measuring Instruments for Petrol & Diesel Engines
    • Automotive Electrical And Electronics Lab:
    • • Battery, hydrometer, voltage tester
      • Auto electrical wiring system
      • IC timer ,Data logger
      • 8085 trainer kit
      • ADC& DAC interface board
    • Automotive Fuels And Lubricants Laboratory:
    • • Fuel Analysis Test ,Abels flash and fire point& Aniline point Apparatus
      • Reid vapor pressure test Apparatus
      • Bomb and Gas Calorimeters
      • Carbon Residue Test Apparatus
      • Copper Strip Corrosion Test Apparatus
      • Cloud and Pour point Apparatus
      • Redwood Viscometer
      • Saybolt Viscometer
      • ASTM distillation test Apparatus
      • Ash content Test Apparatus
      • Drop point and penetration Apparatus for grease
    • CAD Lab:
    • The CAD center has been created exclusively to cater training to all the students in the latest CAD softwares. The software available include AUTOCAD, PRO-E , MECHANICAL DESKTOP, IDEAS, CATIA and ANSYS. The software certification courses are being run for the students in PRO-E package by the in-house faculty.

    • CAM Lab:
    • The CAM center has been created exclusively to cater training to all the students in the latest CAM softwares. The softwares available are EDGECAM, ESPRIT, CNC TUTOR, We also have the MTAB CNC trainers namely CNC Trainer lathe and CNC Trainer milling.

    • Two And Three Wheelers Lab:
    • • Two wheeler chassis dynamometer
      • Coil spring test rig & Chain tension test rig
      • Shock absorber test rig
      • Two-wheeler gearbox & clutch assembly
      • Three-wheeler brake assembly& steering assembly
      • Three-wheeler gear box
    • Vehicle Maintenance And Reconditioning Lab:
    • • Engine Analyzer
      • Cylinder compression pressure gauge
      • Spark plug cleaner and tester
      • Cam angle and rpm tester
      • Wheel alignment apparatus
      • Head light alignment gauge
      • Cylinder reboring machine
      • Valve grinding machine
      • Valve lapping machine
      • Fuel injection calibration test bench with nozzle tester


      The society of Automobile Engineers conducted many events like Technical Symposium which includes Paper presentations and Quiz, Workshops, Seminars and Guest lecturers to expose the students to the latest technology in Design, Analysis and Manufacturing of automobile components.

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